Tumsworth Han
Photo 68
Sir Tumsworth Han
Full name Tumsworth Han
Gender Male
Owner James
Birth date TumsLand
Residing In NunyLand
Stuffy Species Bear
Type of Stuffy Teddy Bear
Fur Color Brown          
Stuffy Manufacturer Teddy Bears

Biography Edit

Sir Tumsworth Han was found in England. In a airport store. He was with his buddy, Dumsworth. But it was very sad, when the owner, James, only bought Tumsworth. Because of that, Tumsworth suffered from "Wanttoseeathecis," which is a very usual disease that occurs when two good friends separate. After 4 years of suffering, he found out that crying does nothing, and made his own company, the Tumsworth Tummy Tying, which is a company that reduces fat on tummies by tying them in to a knot. After 4 years of hardworking, the "Tumsworth Tummy Tying." was so popular that they were called "TTT." Therefore Tumsworth is living as a millionaire now, living in Nunyland.