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The Nuny Club
TNC Logo Seal 2013
Logo seal, 2013
Club Name The Nuny Club
Common Abbreviations TNC
Nuny Club
Main Focus Stuffies
Founded 2002-2003
Status Up & Running
Founded by Connor
Stuffy Founder Nunymare
President Connor M.
2nd President Shane C.

The Nuny Club (Most commonly known as 'TNC') is a club with a main focus of Nuny, and the whole stuffy world. It was founded in the 2002-2003 season by Connor and Shane, while they were in Grade 1. Nunymare, and Bunny-bunny are the official first 2 stuffies in TNC. The official first 2 registered regular members in TNC are Alanna, and Jonathan. The club is still currently up and running as a hobby activity.


The TNC Presidency Seal is only given to certify official Presidents of TNC.

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