Tetsy Towowel
Tetsy Towowel in 2013
Tetsy Towowel in 2013
Full name Tetsy Towowel
Gender Male
Owner Connor
Birth date March 6, 2005 (2005-03-06) (age 13)
Residing In NunyLand
Stuffy Species Teddy Bear
Type of Stuffy Sewn stuffy
Fur Color Turquoise-green
Stuffy Manufacturer Sewn Stuffy

Tetsy Towowel (born March 6, 2005) is the first-ever sewn stuffy in Nunyland. He was made by Connor and is currently owned by Connor, as well. His fur color is quite different from regular stuffies, being a turquoise-green color and a fleece material. His stuffing used to be cut of material, but is presently cotton. He has a brother, alot like him, named Tetsy Jr.


Tetsy was made by Connor in the 2004-2005 season in school. He was his first ever sewn stuffy, therefore he was marked by his teacher. Because Tetsy was Connor's first, he was not done that great. His brother, MIni-Nuny was made that year, also. Both of them had cut-up stuffing at that time.

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