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TNC Website
A screenshot of the homapage of the TNC Website.
Website URL
Website Title TNC Home
Owner Connor
Style Info Website
Focus The Nuny Club
Admin(s) Connor
Host [1]

The TNC Website was the first official website of The Nuny Club. It was created by Connor in 2005, and is hosted by Teach-Nology. This site contains all kinds of TNC info, and tidbits. This website, along with the TNC Polepix Network is visited frequently to retrieve Polepics from previous dates.


This website contains the following:

  • Links to other TNC Websites
  • Polepic Gallery
  • Avatar Gallery
  • Info on Stuffies
  • Info on members
  • Nunypix
  • Vital TNC Info
  • Sewn Stuffy info
TNC Websites
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