Nuntria Towowel
The most recent picture of Nuntria Towowel.
Full name Nuntria Towowel
Gender Male
Owner Connor
Birth date July 1, 1973 (1973-07-01) (age 45)
Residing In NunyLand
Stuffy Species Polar bear
Type of Stuffy Stuffy
Fur Color White     
Stuffy Manufacturer Klondike days prize
Signature Nuntria Towowel Signature

Nuntria Lingkonkonsky Towowel (born July 1, 1973) is perhaps one of the oldest stuffies in TNC History, being over 30 years of age, real-life. He is a white polar bear, originally a Klondike Days prize. Nuntria is also one of the top inspirational stuffies in present-day TNC.


The Great Nuny WarEdit

Nuntria was a veteran of prestige, along with Zurlain of the Great Nuny War. After they heard that a war was coming, they decided they would fight. For their people, for their country. Nuntria then assumed, that the war would be no big sweat, since they were fighting Dumymare, and he was, naturally....dumb. Ironically, it turned out to be much worse for these 2 warriors. Dumymare had mustered some alllies in Stupidmare, Retardedmare, and the worst,


Nuntria and Zurlain were very close in the Great Nuny War.

Unsanitarymare. After finally defeating the Dumy forces, the captors wanted one last shot at revenge, and locked up the rest of us survivors in a capsule. And for ten more years, he, and Zurlain were locked up in the basement of Grandma Mah Sector.


After a number of years, locked up in the basement sector, ownerless, and collecting dust, Nuntria, along with Zurlain were discovered by Connor and Nunymare, shriveled up and hanging on for their life, and were straight back home Nunyland, and were given hospitality like never before.

Present-day Edit

In present-day, Nunrtria and Zurlain are quite wealthy, and very popular all over Nunyland.Nuntria is now old and wise and advanced in years. Nuntria now lives in one of the NHB2000 premier suites, and lives in high exultation by many of his fellow stuffies. Nuntria is commonly reffered as the "Wise One" as he has experience and desire for the truth more than anyone in the Nuny Club: including Nuny himself. Nuntria is famous in the highest, though he is extremely modest about it.

Stuffing Transplant Surgery Edit

On Tuesday, May 19, 2009, Nuntria went under a major stuffing transplant that involved removing all of his styrofoam pellet stuffing, and replacing with ordinary stuffing. The process took near 4 hours and was successful. This process has helped Nuntria regain stability and overall body structure.

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